JavaScript has become one of the most widespread programming languages in use today, and rightfully so. Because of it’s near ubiquitousness in web applications, it has afforded the close-eye of a vast majority of the programming community.

As we all know, programmers have F.O.D. (Fear of D.R.Y. (Don’t Repeat Yourself), but do treat yourself to a nested acronym), so the community has worked its incredible magic of logical decision making in the interest of efficiency and precision and turned JavaScript into a labyrinth of shortcuts to make the language more accessible and powerful. Once these shortcuts are understood, the true…

ActiveRecord Validation for MVC Architecture

Rejection hurts. No sense in mincing words. We’ve all been there. “What’s the worst that could happen, they say ‘no’?”


Standards can be unforgiving at times, but they can also be extremely useful when establishing classes in MVC software applications. …

What Self means to Us

Self is a concept that has confounded humankind since our beginnings. A concept that has become somewhat redefined by the tech industry — particularly by social media. What makes you you, and not someone else? What gives you that #{your_name}ness that sets you apart?

As the world grows ever more connected, it has become increasingly important to carve out your unique presence on the internet — and with the mediums for self-expression constantly evolving, so too has our concept of Self evolved.

We’ve reprogrammed ourselves to think of Self as being synonymous with identity, and…

Zack Carlson

Flatiron Software Engineering BootCamp Graduate

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